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02 Dec

Deep Detox

Did you know that hormonal balance, clear skin and a good mood start in your gut? In this class you’ll learn why detoxification and digestion play an important role in your skin, hormone, respiratory and immune health – and of course hope to support your body in getting rid of toxic load.


*co-hosted with Laura van de Vorst

6 – 16 Dec

Period Power – Know Your Flow (German)

Four immersive online live sessions fully focused on learning about menstrual magic, reclaiming the power of your female cycle and fully embracing your femininity.

We’ll talk about the four phases of the female cycle, the underlying hormonal patterns, the importance of menstrual health and cover a bunch of practical nutrition, lifestyle and self-care tips for a healthy flow.

SESSION DATES: 6th Dec – 11am CET / 9th Dec 7pm CET / 13th Dec – 11am CET / 16th Dec – 7pm CET