Period Power

know your flow


6th – 16th december 2020


Us women have become detached from and alienated by our menstrual cycle. It’s seen as annoying, dirty, shameful, impractical, painful. Some of us suffer from it. Some of us shut it down. Some never learned how it works to begin with. There’s only few that fully embrace it and understand its true power.

It’s time for change! It’s time to learn about menstrual magic, to reclaim the power of our female cycle and fully embrace our feminine force.

It’s time to start using our menstrual cycle to our advantage and no longer treat it as an annoyance. It’s the source of all human life. It’s a source of immense power and strength.

This why I’ve created this fun, interactive and comprehensive course to help women to step from period pain into period power!

we´ll dive into

In four immersive online LIVE session we’ll dive deep into the subject and cover the following topics:


An Introduction to the 4 Phases of the Female Cycle & the Importance of Menstrual Health

Sun, 6th December ’20 / 11am (CET)


The Physical ‘Gifts & Challenges’ of the 4 Phases & Nutrition + Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Flow

Wed, 9th December ’20 / 7pm (CET)


The Emotional ‘Gifts & Challenges’ of the 4 Phases & Mindset + Self-Care Tips for Cycle Empowerment

Sun, 13th December ’20 / 11am (CET)


Menstrual Magic, Female Force, Embracing Femininity & Stepping into your Full Feminine Power

Wed, 16th December ’20 / 7pm (CET)

All sessions will be held via ZOOM and will last approximately 1-1.5 hours – the access link will be shared shortly before each session.

you´ll need

A quiet spot

Pen & paper or notebook
A curious mind & open heart
Some time to apply & experiment around what you’ve learned

you´ll get

Lots of theoretical & practical knowledge on the female cycle and how to use it to your advantage

Accompanying workbook
Session recordings (in case you can’t attend live)
A community of empowered superwomen to connect & share with
(C)Literature list with selected reads that will help you dive even deeper into the topic


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Since the four sessions build on each other, it’s ideal to follow the entire course and truly understand how you can fully own your cycle and femininity – physically, mentally and emotionally!

69 €


If you already know a little bit more about the topic and feel that you’d only like to dive deeper into one of the four topic areas the course covers, feel free to opt for a single session drop-in!

29 €

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