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My work (and this page) is all about sharing ideas, tools and hacks to support you in building the health you need to bring your best self to the world – physically, mentally and spiritually.  




Time to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself! 



I’m Anna.

Health hacker, functional nutritionist, coach, breathworker, speaker, healer and glow-getter. My passion is to guide you on your path towards a happier, healthier and fully aligned you.

I’m full of energy and enthusiasm, a people lover, unshaken optimism, outdoor junkie, sports addict, globe trotter and spiritual soul. 

Curious to hang out & Create magic? 

I host a wide range of events, workshops and retreats, and often speak at seminars and conferences. See if you can make it to some of the upcoming dates, say hi, and nerd out about chocolate, life and the universe (which is essentially all the same thing)! 💫

Here’s what some awesome glow-getters have to say about working with me!

» Anna has a natural way of understanding what her clients really need. She always finds the easiest, most fun and instantly effective changes that someone can make to live a healthier, more fulfilled and more balanced life. A true joy to work with. «

Kasper van der Meulen

Bestselling Author, Biohacker, Lifestyle Specialist

» Anna is incredibly knowledgeable and has a real talent for explaining complex concepts in a simple way. This, together with her deep understanding of gut and hormonal health, and her wholehearted passion for helping others, make her an epic coach, captivating speaker, and soulful leader. It’s an absolute dream to work together with her! «

Laura van de Vorst

Functional Nutritionist, Hormone Expert, Founder of

» Anna walks the talk and inspires me to live a happier and healthier life. She fascinates me with her energy, dedication and wisdom. Anna is a trustful resource who helps me integrate routines that improve my body & mind, in a very simple way. I feel deepest gratitude for Anna’s guidance! «

Julia Schausberger

Business Development Professional & Passionate Yogi

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