i am


Health Hacker. Functional Nutritionist. Coach. Breathworker.
Healer. Speaker. Optimist.

And here to help YOU become the happiest, healthiest and most balanced version of yourself!

I strongly believe that the lifestyle we choose is the most powerful predictor of our current and future health and wellbeing – both physically and emotionally. This includes not only the food we eat, but also the way we move, breathe, sleep, unwind, deal with stress and even think.




my approach.

Sustainable change. No quick fixes.


I’m here to help YOU. My coachings, workshops, retreats, talks, seminars and free resources are designed to guide YOU on YOUR path to a happier, healthier and more balanced body and mind.

Also – I’m a total nerd and I love solving puzzles and going down the rabbit hole. I enjoy digging deep down to the root cause of issues my clients are experiencing and fixing it from there, rather than simply covering up symptoms. If you’re looking for quick & dirty fixes, I’m not the partner in crime you’re looking for – I’m all about working with people on changing their habits sustainably, making sure that the results will last.

Standardised 30-day plans, one-size fits all approaches and strict ‘taboos’ might give you quick results in the short-term – if you have the mental power to stick to them. But I believe that pushing yourself into a mindset of scarcity and sacrifice will likely not lead you to sustainable, long-term success.

Making small, incremental changes, whilst allowing yourself to understand and enjoy the steps that make up your personal journey, will in my experience always take you much further.

Personalised support helps you dig deep into the root causes of your patterns, loops and vices. Together, we can analyse your behavioural triggers, experiment around what works best for you and implement new, healthy habits over time.

my work.

I work with principles, not methods.

Principle are flexible – they take the individual’s needs into account. Methods are standardised and don’t leave much room for personalisation.


Knowledge is one of the few things that grows when shared. I love sharing mine and contributing to the collective conscious.


Learning by doing is powerful. Acting is more impactful than simply watching and listening. I enjoy getting people involved.


Diving deep and focusing fully on one thing – that’s where the magic happens. I create spaces that allow for full immersion.

me, in a nutshell.

Here are 12 random facts for you.
They should give you a better idea of how much of a weirdo I am – and most importantly, whether or not I’m your kind of weirdo! 🙃


My love for puns is almost on par with my love for chocolate – and trust me, I love choco-lot!


If I could I’d spend my entire life barefoot and in active wear – and a fortune on books and organic food.


My best party trick? I know how to unicycle.


Nothing calms me down like time spent in nature.


I ask too many questions. Always. Things get awkward. 🙃


When I’m hungry and/or tired,
I turn into a monster. It’s scary.


If I don’t get to excercise enough –
I also turn into a monster.


I’ve lived abroad for almost half of my life.
Travel has been one of my best teachers.


I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and that the universe has our back 🌙⭐


My kitchen is a fermentation lab –
mason jars, fizz & bubbles all over.


I love my bike and cycle everywhere I can.


I collect feathers and
my spirit animal is a snake.

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Humans are beautiful, complex creatures. working together requires more than just matching needs and skillset.


I love to connect with you and
share ideas.

say hello!

Whether you’d like to ask a question, share insights or ideas, collaborate or
just feel like having a chat – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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