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Group Psilocybin Journey – Nov 2023 (FULL)

Group Psilocybin Journey

November 11, 2023 @ 9:30 am 5:00 pm


Lithoijen, Netherlands

Psilocybin Truffles – also known as ‘Magic Truffles’ – are a very safe psychedelic medicine that has been used for centuries for its many benefits, and is fully legal to work with here in the Netherlands.

Benefits include improved mental health, increased creativity, heightened empathy and compassion which can lead to improved relationships and a greater sense of social connectedness, enhanced neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility, which might enhance problem-solving abilities and enable travellers to gain new perspectives on areas in life where they might feel stuck and unable to move forward.

Many people also report profound spiritual experiences while working with Magic Truffles, including feelings of unity and connectedness with others and the universe.

Please find an insightful podcast episode by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman on the benefits and risks of working with psilocybin here.

Working with Psilocybin Truffles in a safe and ceremonial container has the potential to fully unleash the power of this medicine the most a serving way, whilst significantly reducing the risk of having an overwhelming experience.

What to expect


On this journey we will provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring the potential benefits of the medicine of the truffles, which are native to our lands here and carry the potential for deep healing and transformation. All three of us have many years of experience with plant medicine work and will guide you with gentle care, beautiful live music and loving personal attention.

During ceremony we will also be serving the medicines of cacao and hapé for those that feel called, as they combine extrem well with psilocybin.


Cacao in its mostly unprocessed form is an extremely potent superfood with a range of potential health benefits, that is also known as a gentle ‘heart-opening medicine’. The active compounds in cacao bring an increased level of energy and focus to the system, and support the release of endorphins, which can lead to feelings of euphoria and bliss.


Hapé, also known as rapé, is a traditional sacred medicine used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin. Hapé helps to clear the mind that is running in circles, promotes mental clarity, and increases focus.

It can also bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Some people even report having spiritual experiences while using hapé, including feelings of connectedness with nature and others.

Your guides


Anna is a ‘modern medicine woman’ – deeply connected to the timeless wisdom of the plants, yet strongly rooted in the modern world. She’s a ceremony facilitator, doula, biohacker, holistic health coach, breathworker and musician. In her work she focuses on helping others navigate through processes of growth and transformation, and has already guided hundreds of people through psychedelic journeys in both group and individual settings.


Biba’s voice finds expression in the here and now as she surrenders to the flow of the journey. This is how she connects with the sounds of her heart and follows the rhythm of the medicine. With grounded organic melodies, inspired by the seasons, Biba helps you connect with a deeper layer of yourself and emerging emotions. She accompanies her voice with different instruments – as well as silence.


Since (re)discovering the medicine woman within herself, Kelly can fully experience the magic and the joy of life again. The path she’s walking now is mainly about feeling and growing the feminine energy. In yourself, your relationship, your work and your life. She likes working with cacao, truffles and music in a safe and sacred space for people to heal in.


Date & Time

The ceremony will take place on the 11th of November 2023. Arrival is at 9:30 and we will start ceremony at about 10:00. We will likely close our circle at around 17:00 and share a light meal.


We will work in a beautiful yurt on a wonderful piece of land close to Alphen aan den Rijn. The exact address will be communicated to you upon sign-up.

Group size

A maximum of 12 participants will be invited to join the ceremony – meaning that we will sit in a circle of 15 travellers including Anna, Biba & Kelly.


The exchange per person is €300 (excl. VAT), which includes ceremony participation, medicine and dinner. Please check our T&Cs for our refund policy.

Sign up

Sign up is made by filling in and sending the form below, your
spot is reserved once your payment has come in.


Below you will find a list of general contraindications for psychedelic medicine work. Due to privacy rules, I cannot ask you to share your medical history/file with me. For your own safety, the safety of your fellow participants and for myself, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of your responsibility to take these contraindications seriously and consult with me about your participation if there is anything on this list that applies or might apply to you.

The ceremony should not be joined in the following cases (participant has the right to request a refund):

  • Pregnancy (at any stage)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Severe PTSD or trauma
  • Actively using recreational drugs
  • Taking any medication that alters brain chemistry like anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, ADD, OCD medications etc.
  • History of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline syndrome or other psychological disorders
  • Pregnancy (at any stage)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Severe PTSD or trauma
  • Actively using recreational drugs
  • Taking any medication that alters brain chemistry like anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, ADD, OCD medications etc.
  • History of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline syndrome or other psychological disorders
  • Psychosis susceptibility (or history with psychosis)
  • Severe blood pressure/heart complaints
  • Cerebral hemorrhages
  • Addiction (such as alcohol), an addiction history
  • Currently under treatment by a doctor or psychologist
  • Use of medication (Never just stop taking your medication, but consult the doctor who prescribes the medication. In some cases you can taper off the medication. Two weeks of being clean is in most cases needed.)
  • Inability to look at oneself or take responsibility

In case of any questions or unclarity, please make sure to contact me. Please also fill in your personal details and answer the following questions below – if you have to answer “no” to any of these questions, please contact me first.

Sign up!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
I understand that this statement is binding as a contract, is not for informational purposes only, and I declare that I have signed this document out of my own free will.
I declare that I am able to look at myself, to take responsibility for my own choices, interpretations and (mental) processes.
I declare that I am not pregnant or breastfeeding at this time.
I declare that I am not currently being treated by a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, or have been treated for addiction, schizophrenia, or other psychological disorders.
I declare that I am in good health and currently not on any (prescription) medication.
I understand that there are risks involved in attending this ceremony and I am aware of the contraindications.
I am aware of the risks involved in attending this ceremony and of the contraindications.

First and foremost I care 100% for your health and safety, no matter what. This is the reason why I am asking anyone working with me to fill in and sign this form, as in this way I can trust that everyone has read this important information.

In the Netherlands, it is relatively uncommon to sign a waiver for an event, so it could feel somewhat rude or inappropriate. For me it is important to be certain that all measures considering safety and responsibility, contraindications etc. have been communicated clearly and that everyone who works with me has actually read the document.

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